What is Feather Yarn?

Feather yarn is a fancy yarn that has only become popular in the past 3-4 years. It is mainly divided into nylon feather yarn and polyester feather yarn. It consists of warp-core and weft-feather (feathers are formed after the blade cuts the weft). It is mainly used for knitted sweaters, scarves, gloves, socks, accessories, carpets... Because its shape is very similar to pine trees, it is also called pine tree yarn and pine tree feather yarn.

Feather yarn can be produced with various fiber yarns, currently viscose, nylon, acrylic and polyester are commonly used. The "trunk" part of the feather is the core thread, and its raw material quality and performance must meet the requirements of knitting yarn. Decorative yarn is the main performance part of feather yarn, which determines the sensory effect of finished yarn.

Decorative thread fiber requires good luster, elasticity, and can stand upright naturally; the strength of decorative yarn should not be too high, it should be easy to cut, and can get neat length fluff, and it is not easy to shed, generally it is better to use long filament; Raw materials with the same thermal shrinkage rate, in order to prevent long and short hair, twist shrinkage and uneven evenness caused by finishing and dyeing after yarn forming.
The count of the core yarn and decorative yarn is related to the count of the finished product, and is also affected by the number of crochet needles. In order for the core yarn to effectively hold the decorative yarn, the decorative yarn should be 1-3 times thicker than the core yarn. As the fiber of the core wire, the surface of the single fiber is relatively smooth. When cutting, the fiber is easy to slip on the edge of the knife and is not easy to cut, but it has good flexibility, bending resistance and tensile strength. Fibers suitable for decorative yarns must be easy to cut and have excellent optical properties and a large coefficient of friction.

In this way, the fabric feels thick and durable, and the suede surface of the produced pile fabric can keep plump and upright, and has good bulkiness and gloss.Sinrylion is a professional fancy yarn manufacturer.