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Custom Sinrylion Fancy Yarn.Such as Mink Yarn,Nylon mink yarn,Crystal Mink Yarn,Curly Mink Yarn,Coral Velvet,Feather Yarn,Chenille Yarn

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Sinrylion  is  fancy yarn manufacturer with 40 years of experience, supports customization and professional production of various types of fancy yarn suppliers.



About Fancy Yarn:

Fancy yarn refers to the yarn with special structure and appearance effect obtained by using special raw materials, special equipment or special technology to process the fiber or yarn in the process of spinning and thread making. It is a decorative yarn product. 

Fancy yarn is a yarn with various appearance characteristics obtained by the principle of overfeeding, such as Mink Yarn, Chenille Yarn, Loop yarn, Knitting tape yarn, Belly yarn, Tam tam yarn, TT yarn, Feather yarn, Sanding yarn etc.The fabric woven by this kind of yarn feels fluffy, soft, has good warmth retention, and has a unique appearance and strong three-dimensional effect. It can be used as clothing fabrics and decorative materials. It can be used for both light summer clothing and heavyweight. Winter clothing.

Jinjiang Xinglilai Group Co Ltd was founded in March 1983. The group's total registered capital is 50 million RMB. The headquarters is located in wuli industrial area in Jinjiang. After 40years of development ,it has branch companies as follow, Jinjiang Xinglilai Yarns Co Ltd, Dongguan Xinglilai Warp&weft Yarns Co Ltd,Quanzhou Xinxingliali Fibre&testile Co Ltd and Changsheng Fibre Industy Trading Co Ltd in vietnam.Our partners have throughout Fujian,Guangdong,zhejiang area, hongkong,europe, southeast asia and other regions. Established a good reputation and won wide praise from customers. At the same time, the company relies on huge production development and large scale, combined with advanced technology and equipment, which established the foundation on the spinning market.Our Products passed the ISO9001 quality system and Oeko-tex Standard 100 ecological textile certification,provide various specification stability color yarn.

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